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The Respiratory Department at CRC is focused on the pulmonary care of children and their families. The RT's focus on each patient to provide an individualized respiratory care plan. The Respiratory Therapist (RT) meets weekly with the Physician to discuss goals and changes in each patient's care.

The primary goal of the RT and the family is the weaning of the many types of respiratory modalities (tracheostomy, ventilator, etc.) that patients have when they come to CRC. A variety of methods are used to help with the weaning process. Devices such as the IPV, the CoughAssist, End-Tidal CO2 monitors are employed to obtain the ultimate goal of weaning the child from their trach/vent and transitioning every child to home. To guarantee that each patient receives the best continuing care when they go home, an in depth training is provided to the parents prior to going home. The training includes ventilator management, tracheostomy care, medication delivery, and assessment regarding their child's respiratory status.

One of the important goals at the Children's Recovery Center is to insure that each patient is able to participate in everyday activities. To accomplish this goal the LTV ventilator is used. The LTV is a light weight mobile ventilator that can be configured to fit wheelchairs, strollers, or carried as a backpack. Additionally, a Masimo pulse oximeter is used because it can be disconnected from the base to go with the patient. This allows the staff to have continuous monitoring of the patient's heart rate and oxygen saturation wherever the child is in the hospital.

The Respiratory Department plays a major role in the overall care of each patient. The RT's act as a resource to the hospital staff to help provide the best care for the patient. CRC's respiratory staff trains all licensed nursing personnel regarding pediatric pulmonary care to enhance level and enhance their knowledge. Ultimately, this teamwork between the respiratory staff and licensed nurses provides a higher level of care and safety for all the patients at CRC.