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The Rehabilitation team is highly trained and consists of experienced pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapists, who are dedicated to the interdisciplinary approach to comprehensive medical rehabilitation. They work closely with not only each other, but also with the rest of the medical team, school team and family members to help restore the highest level of physical, social and emotional functioning possible to each child. Therapists participate in patient care conferences, weekly team meetings and discharge planning. Each child receives an initial comprehensive evaluation by the Rehabilitation team followed by an interdisciplinary conference to coordinate an individualized plan of care. Each child is also evaluated for any equipment needs including custom wheelchairs, standers, braces and augmentative communication devices.

A therapy room and a gross motor activities roomare used by therapists to work with the children on their developmental skills. Our therapy room offers a friendly and engaging environment consisting of mats, balls and a variety of equipment and toys to facilitate all levels of developmental skills. Our gross motor room consists of a large ball pit, a trampoline, stairs, a slide and a small play structure. We also have immediate access to our newly developed playground consisting of a play structure, swings, a teeter totter and water table, all of which encourage independence and mobility. Our rehab team includes: Physical Therapy

Our Pediatric physical therapists (PT's) evaluate each child for any developmental, orthopedic or movement dysfunction. We provide not only mobility training, but also therapeutic strengthening, positioning, gait training and orthopedic management of each child. We encourage each child to be independently mobile in exploring their environment. We specialize in a wide variety of skills including:

Progressive gait training
Muscle tone/orthopedic management
Functional mobility training
Neuromuscular training
Gross motor development
Equipment assessment and modification
Orthotic assessment and modification
Assessment of movement and reflexes
Range of motion and therapeutic exercises

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT's) evaluate each child for daily living skills including feeding, sensory and developmental /fine motor skills. They provide Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) training in combination with cognitive training, perceptual training and oral motor exercises. The OT's also manage our feeding program here at CRC with the ultimate goal of either weaning our patients from their G-tubes to oral feeds or getting each child feeding independently. We specialize in the following:

Dysphagia / Swallowing disorders
Sensory-motor activities
Developmental assessments
Fine motor development
Visual-perceptual training
Equipment assessment and modification
Range of motion and therapeutic exercises

Speech Therapy

Upon referral from our physicians, our speech therapists evaluate each child for their communication skills and speech development. Our speech therapists provide training in expressive and receptive language skills including auditory comprehension, visual processing, verbal and non-verbal expression. They also coordinate with occupational therapy on oral motor and dysphagia training. We specialize in the following:

Receptive language disorders
Expressive language disorders
Non-verbal communication skills
Auditory comprehension and processing skills
Articulation and phonation skills
Motor speech disorders
Cognitive training and skills
Augmentative communication
Oral motor / dysphagia